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Cut Your Stitching Time by 30% with G...

Cut Your Stitching Time by 30% with Grid Lines
One of the most important things to do in getting your cross-stitch project going is to put grid lines on your fabric. It is very difficult to keep track of where to place your stitches without them. What you are doing is putting the chart grid lines of your design pattern onto your fabric, which will act as a guide for stitching and will mak [...]

Fall in Love with “Fall”

Summer's Passing (Jessie Willcox Smith ) Cross Stitch Design
Summer’s Passing (Jessie Willcox Smith) Cross Stitch Design When we feel that first crisp breeze, we know summer is gone and fall has arrived – sometimes slowly, sometimes “right now.” Every season has its ups and downs; however, autumn has an unusual beauty to it. Those who particularly enjoy this season revel in the unique ability of [...]

Are You Having Fun with Your Cross St...

placing stitches near hoop - small
You should be because . . . 1. It is a very relaxing activity. 2. It has been proven to be healthy. Check the article, “Health Benefits of Needlework,” on our website to find out why.   Some of the things you need to do or have to make it fun and relaxing: 1. Create a relaxing spot in your home for yourself where you can go w [...]

Do you know the history of Valentine&...

Valentine's Day Heart and Arrow
Wow! It’s almost time for that special day when we send our love to the very special people in our lives, whether it be our lovers, mates, children, siblings, friends . . . anyone who is very, very important in our lives. Sometimes these people don’t know how special they are to us or how they have influenced our lives, so this is a perfect [...]

Choosing the Best Cross Stitch Fabric

32 Count Antique Ivory Belfast Linen
In this article we will help you understand the different evenweave fabrics available to make your cross stitch project exactly what you want it to be after you have invested your time and money in your project. There is quite an assortment of evenweave fabrics available for cross stitch, and they come in assorted colors and thread count. Eve [...]

Tips for a Beautiful Cross-Stitch Pro...

Bobbin Case
The cloth is your canvas . . . the floss is your paint. As you prepare to begin your new and exciting cross stitch project, there are several things you must keep in mind. You will want to choose a design that is appropriate for your skill level. It is not difficult to reach the level of “experienced” when doing cross stitch. It i [...]

Cross Stitch Projects and the Fun Thi...

Affiche Pour le Salon des Cent - Paul Berthon
There actually are many, many, many ways to do and use cross stitch projects. Here are some ideas for you. 1. Simple and small This could be for the beginner or for the very experienced needleworker. At the moment I’m thinking about making 4-inch-square coasters from a small design I fell in love with (only two or three colors). I’ [...]

Choosing the Best Glass when Framing ...

The Lover Letter (Francious Martin-Kavel) - Cross Stitch Chart
The Lover Letter (Francious Martin-Kavel) – Cross Stitch Chart The glass you choose when you are having your needlework project framed is perhaps the most important and easiest decision to make. There are basically three choices. Regular Glass This glass is clear, but reflects lights, windows and even reflections of someone standing in [...]

Golden Age of Illustration

Round the Ring of Roses - Jessie Willcox Smith
What an exciting time this was! The Golden Age of Illustration began in the 1880s and continued until the economic hard times of the 1920s and 1930s brought it to an end. So, what is the “Golden Age of Illustration?” It is the period of time when the lively American and global economies and cultures demanded grandiose visual mater [...]

Glossary of Cross Stitch Items

Cross Stitch Glossary Image
If you are new to cross stitch you may have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to specific terms and equipment. We gathered up the most common ones and put them all in one place! Beads Used to enhance cross stitch designs. Mill Hill Glass Beads are a good choice since there is a large choice of several types of beads and colors. This is [...]

Serenity Stitchworks Cross Stitch Designs

  • The Blue Vase (Paul Cezanne) - Cross Stitch Chart

    The Blue Vase (Paul Cezanne) – Cross Stitch Chart

  • A Girl with a Watering Can (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) - Cross Stitch Chart

    A Girl with a Watering Can (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) – Cross Stitch Chart

  • Bathers (Paul Cezanne) - Cross Stitch Chart

    Bathers (Paul Cezanne) – Cross Stitch Chart

  • Café Terrace on the Place du Forum (Vincent van Gogh) - Cross Stitch Chart

    Café Terrace on the Place du Forum (Vincent van Gogh) – Cross Stitch Chart

  • Bar at the Folies-Bergere

    Bar at the Folies-Bergere (Edouard Manet) – Cross Stitch Chart

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer) – Cross Stitch Chart